My Hard Boiled Egg (for PB)

A while ago, I mentioned I started a Crackberry thread to make some apps that the community requested! Well, the first of 7 is on its way to AppWorld 🙂

My Hard Boiled Egg

Thank you for previewing this application.

A while ago I submitted a competition on the www.crackberry.com user forums for people to submit ideas!  And in exchange, I would send them a PayPal reward, create their applications, and send them a share of any profits made from it.  This application was suggested by Darlaten and was drafted up for the BlackBerry PlayBook by me as one of the 7 winning applications.

What do I need it for?
Eggs can be tough to cook right.  They are always undercooked or overcooked, and can be difficult to work with.  My significant other is a vegetarian and I know she relies heavily on cooked eggs for her protien.  So, I drafed up a simple application to make this experience as simple as possible.  This application can help you consistently create great quality eggs with minimal effort.  You just tell it what type of eggs you have, how hard you want the yolk, and off you go!

How do I use it?
To make customizations to the application:  Swipe down!
To make perfect eggs:  Put on a pot of water and get it boiling rapidly.  Once boiling, drop your eggs in the water and take it off of the hot burner or turn the heat down until it is no longer at a rapid boil.  Set the timer, and go do something fun!  When the timer goes off, its time to move your eggs into an icebath or cold water.

Version History
– Supports
* Medium/Large/ExLarge Eggs
– Set for
* Soft/Medium/Hard Yolk
– Pick your Egg Temp
* Cold/Room Temp/Warm
– Remembers all of your settings
– Offset the timer for different climates
– 2 Alarm SFX
– 6 Backgrounds
– 2 Digital Clock fonts (hand made)
– 14 Tips for making great eggs
– Override System Volume
– Never goes to sleep
– Use your Songs as the Alarm
– The grand-daddy of all egg timers.

How much work went into this?  Really?
– More than you might think!  If I want to charge for an egg timer application, it better be a good one!  This application uses 6 ActionScript mobile files across 1996 lines of code and took around 30 hours of coding and testing.

How do I access the options?
– Swipe down and play around

What OS’s does it work on?
– Tested on OS 1.0.8 and 2.0 Beta

What if I have a suggestion/bug?
– Contact me at:  [email protected]



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