Windows 8 Mobile (not so mobile after all!)

Windows 8, BB10, iPhone 5, so much brewing at the same time.

The next 12 months is destined to be an exciting time for techies and here is why.  Windows 8 Mobile was announced (or should we say clarified) recently.  This is no big surprise on its own, but the changes it brings are very impacting.

First, what some consumers put first: connectivity.  The flipcase for the Windows 8 tablet family is designed to also be a keyboard.  Nice, but not worth writing home about.  After all its still a simple clone of an iPad cover.

What is exciting is the OS architecture changes.  The Windows 8 Mobile will support NT to an extent).  What does this mean in English?  It means many desktop applications are almost completely compatible

It will use modern Windows filesystems.  Familiar exploration techniques.  But most of all, finally, some compatibility.  Lets be honest, outside of Windows, Microsoft has been a pain.  Even on XBox, they cram ads in an already expensive subscription system to bring im extra cash.  Apps on their appworld are typically 2-3 dollars more than other devices.  And their mobile devices have been under powered.

Now we are looking at true multitasking, multicore access.  This is similar to the BB10 OS (which stole a trick from Apple, rebuilding their OS entirely on a UNIX system for multitasking and well… Better everything).  And now simplicity.  Think of it this way, Win8 has the potential to run Torchlite 3 on day of release, full version Minecraft, full flash, full silverrlight, yes netflix and skype and hulu.  Firefox, Open Office, Office 2010, you name it.

In my best bet, the BB10 will be the best chance of giving Microsoft a run for their money.  The only risk here — Windows has always dominated.  And if they can truely provide a.seamless Windows experience, users simply will not be able to resist.

I mentioned iPhone 5.  Sorry, Apples losing its innovative edge. I have little to say except its more of the same thing.  It is possible Apple may finally lose its competitive edge if it doesnt have a useful contribution soon.

Just my two cents.



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