Connect to TVersity – PlayOn Mobile

Connecting to PlayOn Mobile using the Connect to TVersity application

You can find the PlayOn user manual here:

Note:  You will need a valid PlayOn account to use this.  This will allow you to watch Hulu and Netflix on your PlayBook.  In addition, I have occluded many of the photos and detailed instructions as they can be found on the PlayOn website.

Configuring your Windows PC

1 – Download and install PlayOn on your Windows PC from

Note that when selecting any online video, it may take up to 10 seconds or longer before video starts showing on your PlayBook.  You need to be patient while Netflix videos (etc) are loading and no indicator occurs indicating it is loading in the background.

2 – Launch PlayOn from the Start Menu. Open PlayOn settings by double-clicking on the PlayOn icon in your task tray.

3 – Next, in order to enable the use of PlayOn with your Android phone or device, click on the “Mobile Access” tab and check “Enable Mobile Access”.

4 – Some PlayOn channels such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and more may require your credentials in order to view that content. To enter your credentials, select the “Channels” tab and add your information there.

5 – I recommend installing any other plugins you want.  Be aware you will need to restart the PlayOn server in order to do this.

6 – I like to configure the PlayOn server to connect to port 9898 instead of using the default.  This works well with my TVersity setup running on 9999.

7 – If you want to access your PlayOn from outside your home, you may want to configure your Router(s) to forward your port (in this case 9999) to your appropriate PC.  You can also use a Dynamic DNS such as to use a FQDM (fully qualified domain name).  So, you know, you no longer need to remember your home IP address.

Note:  When configuring your Routers, follow the ‘chain’.  So, router #1 (at the internet cable) should forward the port to router #2, and router #2 should forward the port to router #3 (etc) through all the routers.  The last router (or if it is your only router) should then forward the port to the appropriate PC.  You can use the build in test options in PlayOn to check this as you go.

8 – In the general settings tab, stop and restart the PlayOn server when you have finished configuring the device.

Configure Connect to TVersity

1 – Now, go into the Connect to TVersity application, swipe down, and set one of your servers to PlayOn.  It will automatically try to connect assuming you are on the same network as the device.