Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 – Buy or Pass?

Short answer: PASS


I just bought a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 for my laptop.  Hoping this would make Unity a little bit easier to develop with.


Well, first the good.

Some parts of the mouse are rubber, which feels grippy.  And the price is OK in the 30 dollar range.

The bad is just about everything else.

The package claims it supports Bluetooth.  However, in reality it does not.  What it does do is it has its own personal Bluetooth “type” radio.  Which means, you absolutely must use their cheap little dongle with the mouse.

The kicker?  Well, these dongles have an average lifespan of around 3 weeks to 4 months with Microsoft.  Half of the average lifespan of the batteries.


Thinking you can replace the dongle?  Think again! You have to replace the entire mouse at full price.

My advice?  Keep shopping.  Buy another companies products.  Why buy something that is destined to end up in your junk bin?

Updated : 2013-07_09

So, go figure.  I use the darned thing all the time now.  Its great about working on wonky (i.e. charms arm rest) mouse pads.