Dual Screen – Background for BlackBerry 10


Hi Everyone,

I was asked a while ago what I use for a background on my work computer.

Well at the office, I have dual-screen monitors and created a simple dual-screen background.  You can grab the full 3840×1080.JPG on the full post.

If your a coder like me, you probably get tired of bright white screens all day (I don’t care what anyone says, they give me a headache – and books aren’t black text on a white background.  They are black text on a grayish background!  #worst_argument_ever).


I wanted to attach my background here for everyone to enjoy.  You may want to set this as a background image in TILE mode, this way it stretches across both monitors.  If it comes out a bit small (lets say you have better eye sight than me and choose to use something with a 1280 height) then you might wanna stretch the image.



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