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Upcoming Projects: Ghost Box & Twitter Reader


I recently became interested in the Raspberry Pi to help prepare for some projects I have coming.

After reading the book “Raspberry Pi User Guide by Gareth Halfacree and Eben Upton”, I decided to place an order on element14 (Newark Canada actually) in appreciation of their support for the Raspberry Pi early on.  If you read the guide by Gareth and Eben, you might understand why (the Pi might not be here without them!).

Anyway, I have two exciting builds coming for you folks!  A ghost-hunting box built on a Raspberry Pi.  And a Twitter Box, controlled by a BlackBerry 10 device and Arduino Yun – too cool!

As an added bonus for BlackBerry fanatics – I will how you how you can build a glowing RGB BlackBerry logo using only a couple of parts!  These articles will be created using the same ordered parts.  And they will all become articles for our new affiliate site KoalaOverlord!

Stay tuned to see some cool stuff Open-mouthed smile


4 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects: Ghost Box & Twitter Reader

    1. Good question – sadly the project went unfinished and I stopped working on it at some point. I think I still have the parts here somewhere …

  1. Hello I’ve interested in this is there a way you can send a PDF with plans for part 3 and 4 because I wanna make it but you never finished and I’m stuck with a unfinished project now, sadly, hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hey there, I actually just build things as I record. I don’t really preplan. But I decided to reboot with a new video series on YouTube, where I show each module and how to build it before creating a final all in one unit 🙂 as the channel gets some traction I’ll post videos faster!

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