Unity Signing Error on BlackBerry 10

This is a quick troubleshooting tip when building for BlackBerry 10 using Unity, and receiving an error about required signatures missing.

If you compile your BAR file using Unity 3d for BlackBerry 10, you may find the following error occurs when you attempt to upload it or transfer it to your device using Chrome:

Install CircleTap2.5 – Pro.bar: failure 881 required signatures missing (RDK, AUTHOR)

The technical explanation above is that it wasn’t signed as a Release Bar.  This could mean you signed it only with a debug token, or it could mean that the signing failed completely.  To check this you need to review your Unity Console Log.

When you look at the Unity console log, you may see this error:

Certificate chain not found for: -.  – must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain.

When you encounter this issue, there are several possible causes.  For me, everyone I’ve spoken to seems to have the first issue…

  • Make sure when you are using File > Build Settings > Build that you have no unusual non-English characters in the BAR name.
  • Absolutely make sure there are no spaces in your BAR output filename.
  • Check that File > Build Settings > Player Settings, are configured properly to use your signing tokens.
  • If the issue still persists, you may need to test Cascades or another IDE to see if it is a problem across all programs with your signing key.