OSVR Server Launcher for Unity

Are you a developer, working on a Unity game, and your working with OSVR?

If so, you might want to grab the latest snippit I uploaded to our repository!  Its a simple set of scripts for getting your OSVR server up and running.

Getting Started


Just drag and drop the repo files into your project.  Inside you’ll find three simple scripts and a prefab, use them as you see fit!


Working with the editor is straight forward.

  • Drag & drop the files into your project
  • Use Window > OSVR Server
  • Setup your server as you see fit


During Game Play

This is a relatively generic tool, so feel free to recycle it to launch any command line tool you like!

  • Drag & drop the files into your project
  • Drag & drop the GUI prefab onto your root camera
  • Modify as you see fit

It is worth it to mention that although this will display in OSVR, it probably isn’t going to work anyway until you have the server running.