BlackBerry AppWorld Paid Apps – Now Free!

As many of us know, BlackBerry has decided to discontinue paid app support as of April 1st, 2018.  In preparation of this, we decided to make a large volume of our apps free!  And why wait until the end of the month?

We’ve made the following changes to our app library:

These are given as a thank you.  But if you are feeling like donating, here is a PayPal link.  This goes towards our VR / AR game company called Red Iron Labs! 🙂


Secure AntiVirus Pro

  • Removed from sale

Now Free – Applications:

Zeus Browser

Text Edit HD

Secure Notes

Secure Browser


Now Free – Games:

Circle Tap Pro

Flappy Bird 3D

Purple Monster

Zombie Crossing

Vector Wars

Simply Golf
Notes:  Multiplayer offline

Simply Bowling
Notes:  Multiplayer offline

Now Free – Playbook:

Dats a Bingo


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