Connect to TVersity – Simple Connection

Connect to TVersity – Simple Connection

Below are some instructions for users first getting started with TVersity while trying to configure Connect to TVersity for the first time.

Disclaimer:  Connect to TVersity requires a PC and utilizes networking.  This may take some people out of their comfort level for the first time while configuring your systems to TVersity.  But the rewards are great.

User level:  Easy to Medium

Limitations:  Must be on same network.  Won’t work over Bridge.  Won’t work from Office/School. 

Benefits:  No Internet Usage (No Internet Fees from Providers), Faster, More reliable.

Setting Up TVersity

Step 1: Download TVersity Server and install it on your PC.  This acts as the communication ‘hub’.

Download 1.9.7 Free Server here for PlayBook Application Users

OR, Download 1.9.6 Free Server here for PlayBook Application Users

OR, Download Older Free Servers here for PlayBook Application Users

Step 2: Install TVersity onto your PC

Step 3:  Launch TVersity Media Server (shown above)

Step 4:  Press Settings – you usually want to configure your Server for the first time.

Step 5:  Change this port if you want to.  If you change it, you need to restart the TVersity Service.  Either way, write this port down.  This is the port you will use in TVersity.  I usually use 9999 because its easier to remember.

Note:  While here, scroll down to HTTP Proxy and make sure it is checked.

Step 6:  Optional:  Access Media Library and set how often you want the library to update.  This makes it so that the TVersity server updates its list of movies every day, so you don’t have to.  Usually I set this to 4 hours.  Now for the fun part.

Step 7:  Now we can go to the Library tab and start adding movie folders.  You only need to add the root folder, it will automatically add any subfolders.  I recommend adding your local movie storage (wherever you store your big movie list), I recommend adding your music list, I recommend adding your local photos, and I recommend adding your downloads folder.  This makes sure you can access your Music, Movies and Photos from inside your PlayBook.

For those about to ask, you can find your iTunes folder by looking here.

Step 8:  Press Refresh Items to build your video/music/photos list.  This can take a while.

Step 9:  Find the local IP Address of your system (not your external IP address).  You can do this by using Start > Cmd > ipconfig /all, more information on this process here.  Write this number down, this is your local IP connection and is needed for the next step(s).

Note:  If you have an XBox 360, PlayStation 2, or Wii you can now access this media onto those devices as well.  However, you need to use a different method for the Wii.


Verifying your TVersity Server

You can verify that your TVersity Server is working by opening up a browser on another PC in your network and launching a web-browser.  Next type in:  http://<ip>:<port>.  Where the IP and Port were found above.  You should successfully connect.


Configuring your PlayBook

Now for the easy part!

Step 1:  Download Connect to TVersity onto your PlayBook

Alternatively you can use the stock browser to connect using URL http://<ip>:<port>/flashlib.  Example:  However you will make some trade-offs with the stock browser.  You will see some problems when trying to browse movies due to how the touch is handled by the stock browser, etc.  But, this is a viable free option for using TVersity.

Step 2:  Launch the Connect to TVersity app, it should detect that you have not configured the software.  Swipe down from the top of your bezel to launch the configuration screen.

Step 2:  Set the IP address and Port you used in the first part.  Press Connect<ServerID>.  And the TVersity Connector will try to connect.

If you encounter connection issues beyond this point, we need to investigate the issue closer.  You want to make sure that the PlayBook and your TVersity PC are on the same server.  If they are on different servers, you may need to read the advanced section on how to to port forwarding on your router.  Additionally, with this basic connection method, you cannot use Bridge to watch videos.  But it will work over Wifi when your PC and PlayBook are on the same router.