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Planets³ by Cubical Drift


Being a little bit of a techy nerd myself, one of my friends sent me a message about an interesting kick starter called Planets3 that he thought I might find interesting.  They pronounce it planets-cube (but being the trouble maker I am, I call it planets-three as I reject any reality that uses the ³ as anything other than a 3).


Interesting kickstarter to hop on.

What makes it different from another Minecraft clone


The big difference that stood out to me, beyond all else, is the fact it is no longer cube based.  This game is triangle based on some kind of vector system, which allows for much more complex objects.  Including for angles, rounding effects, and really a truly unique environment.

World systems


Each planet is a unique, defined planet space.  And if that isn’t interesting enough on its own…


You can see, reach and potentially even interact with other planets as if it were a digital galaxy.

Other features

There are many other features that I know people will find interesting.  Including an RPG-esque style approach, weapon systems.  Armour systems.  Vehicles and vehicle building.  And an overarching game-plan including missions that could lead to going to other planets.

What do you recommend

These guys can use some help getting to the end.  Its a big lump of cash they need to get the game completed so if you have some spare change, want more details.  Or if you want to jump on board and get an early set of passes for the game you can visit the kickstarter below.

You can jump on the kickstarter here


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