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Zeus Browser (AKA Flash Browser) Now in BlackBerry World

After many months of changes and discussions, I am immensely proud to have Flash Browser (ahem, Zeus Browser, had to rebrand it for AppWorld due to licensing issues) available in AppWorld.

You can find it at…ntent/59963924

99c might be on the cheap side, but I know some folks don’t have payment system access. I can’t promise anything but try promo code : ZeusBrowserFree should start working at some point today. The code was setup wrong and had to be resubmitted.

– Secure browsing in browser (again)
– Flash ‘just works’, no more copying files
– DuckduckGo
– Many backend tweaks to improve flash stability

Comment / Suggestion / Idea? Toss it below! I’m thinking wikipedia search support.

Can’t use the promo and don’t have the cash? You can still install the old version here: Adobe Flash Browser for BlackBerry 10.3.1 ? v1.0.0.24 Released | FileArchiveHaven


2 thoughts on “Zeus Browser (AKA Flash Browser) Now in BlackBerry World

  1. I am a Chinese student. I like Zeus browser very much.i have no credit card. Can you give me a sale code?thank you very much. You can send it to my mailbox

    1. Hi, as mentioned in the article – you can install Flash Browser, the free alternative, here: if the promo codes are all used up and gone. Cheers

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