BlackBerry to kill AIR Applications (and how this Impacts Users)

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BlackBerry recently announced planned 10.3.1 changes.  We all love new things! However in what appears to be a money saving initiative, BlackBerry announced they are planning to end support for Adobe AIR as soon as 10.3.1 is available. … and downplayed an important detail…  they are planning to remove these applications and games from devices […]

Dings and Dents from SparkFun

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So, A little while ago I bought 11 boards from SparkFun from Dings and Dents for 25 cents a pop. Why? Well I was curious and printed PCB’s usually run at least a dollar or so. At the same time I got a bunch of Dings and Dents sensors or something therein. Dings and Dents: […]

Meggy Jr RGB

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Recently, a friend introduced me to Arduino.  Rather, he’s been trying to introduce me for a while and I’ve just been too darned busy to play with it. So, I took on some projects and spent some energy on it this last month. First up, Meggy Jr from evil mad scientist. Not really an arduino, […]